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Each year Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day grows bigger and bigger, and more people celebrate it. Here are a few ideas to make your MSAD 2023 bigger and better than ever. 


One great way to spread Moebius Syndrome awareness is by wearing one of our Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome World Definition shirts. They are on sale for $12.50 each with free shipping in the United States only. Sizes and quantities are limited so order yours today. Click here to order!

If you live outside the United States and want a shirt there are other options available to you. Please email Tim at for more information. (1).png

If you don't want to wear a specific shirt to spread awareness for MSAD you can always wear a button. Get a few and share them with your friends!! Click here to order!

Press Release (1).png

One awesome way to spread Moebius syndrome awareness is by contacting your local media outlets, sharing the official MSAD 2023 Press Release with them, and asking them to do a story on your family and MSAD. They love doing human interest stories with real substance. Click here to read an article which gives suggestions on how to approach the media.


If your looking for some Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day images to share on your social media pages check out our collection here.

We have several MSAD videos you can share to educate and spread awareness about Moebius Syndrome. Click here to check out our collection


If you are a parent of a child with Moebius Syndrome and want to spread some Moebius Syndrome Awareness in their classrooms, we want to help. We will provide buttons, stickers, tattoos, literature, videos, cupcakes and drinks. Supplies are limited so request yours soon by emailing

Step By Step Process For Working With Us Services Flyer (2).png

Here's a great little way to spread awareness for MSAD. If you would like to have this flyer personalized with a photo of your choosing email us at and we will email one back to you along with a pdf so you can print it out and share it at school and work.


Looking for something you can take to school to share with your teacher so they can learn more about Moebius syndrome? Check out "Letter to the Teacher" by Sandy Goodwick.


Another great way to spread Moebius syndrome awareness is by sharing our MSAD Heroes on your social media pages. Let's show the world how awesome our Heroes are! We will post one or two new Heroes a day on our MFOMS social media pages for you to share. Click here to view all of our 2022 - 2023 Moebius Syndrome Holiday Heroes.

If you would like to nominate someone with Moebius Syndrome to be a MSAD Hero, please email us their photo along with a paragraph explaining why they are your hero to


If you want to give back to the Global Moebius Syndrome Community, please consider doing a FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER for the Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome. Facebook does not charge any fee. All money raised goes back into the Global Moebius Syndrome Community.

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